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Medical Director / Surgery

Dr. Shafiz Zaini

  • Graduated from USM (MD)
  • Surgical registrar for HKL, Hospital Ampang, Hospital Selayang
  • Trainer for ZSR circumcision

Dr. Shafiz Zaini, a highly experienced and friendly doctor, serves as our Medical Director and specializes in surgery. With a long service record in renowned medical centers, Dr. Zaini is committed to helping patients manage their healthcare and well-being.

klinik melawati, female health doctor
Resident Maternal Doctor

Dr. Anis Shazanna

  • Graduated from UITM (MBBS)
  • Experienced in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Hospital Selayang
  • Experienced in Psychiatry at Hospital Kulim

Dr. Anis Shazanna, our resident maternal doctor, is dedicated to providing compassionate care to mothers and families. With experience in both obstetrics and gynecology and psychiatry, she brings a unique skill set to our clinic, ensuring patients receive comprehensive care.

Resident Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Nabil Asyran

  • Graduated from Charles University (MuDR)
  • Medical officer at Government Healthcare Centre
  • Managing women and child illnesses

Dr. Nabil Asyran, our resident primary care doctor, is an expert in managing women and child illnesses. With his experience as a medical officer at a government healthcare center, he is well-equipped to address the unique healthcare needs of women and children, ensuring they receive the best possible care.

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