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Meet Dr. Shafiz Zaini

Dr. Shafiz Zaini is a dedicated and experienced medical professional who has graduated from USM (MD). He has served as a surgical registrar for HKL, Hospital Ampang, and Hospital Selayang. Dr. Zaini is also a trainer for ZSR circumcision. With his extensive background in medicine, Dr. Zaini is committed to providing top-quality care to all patients.

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What is Wound Care?

Wound care is an essential part of healthcare, focused on managing wounds and promoting an effective healing process. This involves cleaning the wound, applying appropriate dressings, and monitoring the wound’s progress regularly to prevent complications such as infections

Why Do You Need Wound Care?

Wounds can be caused by various factors, including accidents, surgical procedures, burns, pressure sores, and chronic conditions like diabetes. Poor circulation, impaired immune function, and age-related changes can also contribute to the development of wounds. It’s essential to identify the cause and address any underlying issues to ensure effective wound care and prevent complications.

Wound care is necessary for anyone with a minor or severe wound. Wounds, if not managed properly, can lead to severe health complications. Proper wound care ensures faster healing, lessens pain, and reduces the chances of scars or infections.

The Importance of Wound Care

The importance of wound care cannot be overstated. By ensuring your wounds are professionally treated, you can prevent the development of infections, reduce scarring, and promote faster healing. Additionally, wound care specialists can offer guidance on maintaining good personal hygiene practices around the wound area and improving your overall well-being.

The Best Wound Care in Melawati, Setapak

At Klinik We-Care in Melawati, Setapak, we pride ourselves on delivering the best wound care services. Our highly trained healthcare professionals provide personalised care plans, ensuring each patient receives the optimal treatment based on their specific needs and wound condition.

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Don't let a wound cause you unnecessary discomfort or complications. Visit Klinik We-Care in Melawati, Setapak today for comprehensive wound care services. Our caring team is ready to help you on your journey to recovery. Remember, timely and professional wound care is key to successful healing

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Why Choose Us for Wound Care?

Klinik We-Care in Melawati, Setapak, is your reliable partner in wound management. With our advanced techniques, knowledgeable staff, and commitment to patient comfort and safety, we provide the highest quality of care, ensuring your wounds heal effectively.

  • Personalised Treatment Plans

    We develop tailored wound care plans to meet each patient's unique needs and ensure optimal healing.

  • State-of-the-Art Techniques

    Our team utilises modern wound care methods and technologies to deliver the best possible results.

  • Caring and Supportive Environment

    We provide compassionate care in a comfortable setting, ensuring a positive experience for our patients.

When to Visit Us for Wound Care

It’s advisable to seek our wound care services as soon as a wound occurs. It’s particularly crucial for individuals with chronic conditions such as diabetes or for those with more severe wounds. We’re always ready to assist you, providing expert care to ensure optimal healing and recovery

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Reviews from Satisfied Parents

Read testimonials from our satisfied patients who have experienced our exceptional wound care services and see the difference Klinik We-Care has made in their lives.

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Went to this clinic for my acne and skin problem, the doc was v helpful and full with details. I have been charged up to rm1k something but due to my allergic test, mercury level test and also the medication. it's cheap if compare it with other clinics, esp aesthetic clinics. My friend said for first time mmg mahal sikit bcs of the tests kan, but after that price lg murah heheh. I really hope my skin will getting better and healthy.
04:49 17 May 23
Dr Shafiz just a polite one.. Professionalism and expertise.. So friendly recommended
Norzalina Mohd SallehNorzalina Mohd Salleh
05:28 01 May 23
Want to find a super convenient and friendly circumcision clinic? Klinik We-Care is your best place for your kids.We reside in Australia. We have 3 boys and our eldest diagnosed with Autism.At the begining we were so stress trying to find a clinic that can suit to my son needs.The dedication from Dr Shafiz and his staff made the process smooth from the beginning.We made the booking for our eldest son from Australia. The communication was easy!We planned for our Eid/Raya trip Malaysia and the Dr Shafiz has recommended to us the fastest circumcision recovery method.Due to time constrain as we need to travel back to Australia and we need our son to recover faster for Hari Raya and our flight back to Australia the best following week.The process went smoothly and Dr Shafiz was able to calm our special needs son as easily than us! Dr Shafiz will be your choice if you have special needs, kids.We will come back to Klinik We Care next year for our 8 years old and 6 years old sons.We are highly recommended Dr Shafiz and his team!Parent can sit back relax as you know your boy will be in good hand 👍
Hannis NadhirahHannis Nadhirah
10:18 09 Jan 23
Superb & fast service by doctor & staffs. Will come again & recommend to my friends & family due to the service and care by the clinic.
Venotha 06Venotha 06
01:49 21 Sep 22
I went here for my haemorrhoid problem and i found this clinic through google. The doctor and staff were very friendly and Very good service provided with experienced Dr & friendly staff. The outcome was very satisfied.Thanks Dr Shafiz and team 👍 the surgery went well and i am recovered well.Highly recommended ☺️👌Affordable price ☺️
Rendezvous HongRendezvous Hong
10:56 15 Apr 22
Everything is so good and comfortable to visit this clinic, from registration until consultation. Staff/receptionist is efficient and friendly, so do the doctors, talk & explain very politely & patience. Did ultrasound for gallbladder stone. Doctor Shafiz explains in detail, shares medical knowledge, talks like a friend. Environment is clean and comfort.Strongly recommended and will be my top choice of clinic.
14:34 22 Feb 21
This We-Care Clinic is the best ...Dr shafiz who is so friendly and relaxed ..I recommend this clinic for surgical treatment, physiotherapy and more..5 stars

Frequently Asked Questions

The healing time varies depending on the type, size, and location of the wound, as well as the patient’s overall health. Our team will provide an estimated healing timeline during your consultation.

It’s generally best to avoid soaking the wound in water until it has started to heal. Consult our wound care specialists for specific recommendations based on your situation.

Keep the wound clean and dry, follow the wound care instructions provided by our team, and report any signs of infection, such as increased pain, redness, or discharge.

If the wound is deep, large, or doesn’t stop bleeding after applying pressure, seek immediate medical attention. You should also consult a professional if you notice signs of infection or if the wound doesn’t show improvement after a few days.

Scarring depends on various factors, including the severity and location of the wound. Our team will take every precaution to minimise scarring and provide recommendations for scar management.

We treat various types of wounds, including surgical wounds, burns, pressure sores, diabetic ulcers, and traumatic injuries. Our team will assess your specific needs and develop a personalised treatment plan.

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